The chairman of the Cotton Arbitration and Testing General Organization, CATGO,Dr.  Mahmoud El-Bagoury said yesterday that the number of contracting countries on the import of Egyptian cotton has risen to 25 after entering Slovenia to the list of imported countries of the Egyptian cotton, pointing out that India is ranked the first with percentage total contracts 27.36% of the total transactions, followed by Switzerland at 18.59% and China 14.5%..Dr. El-Bagoury has confirmed that the total amount of cotton that have been delivered since the beginning of the season, reached 156 thousand and 621 kantars of which 46 thousand and 697 kantars of cotton crop earlier seasons and 109 thousand, 924 kantars of the crop this season. The public enterprise sector received 48.52% of the total deliveries and 51.48% was received by the private sector..