“Eng. Rashid said that the coming stage will witness an increase in the
rates of exports of Textiles and Clothing, within the framework of the
implementation of the ministry’s strategy to double the exports during
the next four years, where the ministry keenness to support this
important industry, which Egypt has a high competitive advantage that
enables to compete in global markets …Mr. Mamdouh Mostafa ( Head
of the trade representative, said that Egypt retained the status of the
17 among the largest exporters of clothing and textiles to the U.S.
market, QIZ textile and apparel exports rose by 11.2% reaching 666.8
million dollars during the period of January to September of 2010
compared to 599.7 million dollars during the same period in 2009 and the
Ready-Made Garments of cotton was the most important export item of
clothing and textiles increased by 73.9% of the our total exports …He
added that Egypt was considered as one of the largest exporters of
clothing to the U.S. market, where the blue jeans for men and boys were
in 5th place and trousers in blue jeans for ladies and girls in 6th
place and trousers and shorts made of cotton for men and are in the 7th
and trousers made of synthetic fibers, were in 10th  and shirts made of
synthetic fibers in the 11th position..”