PCGA report said that the total arrivals of cotton at ginneries
all-over the country were registered at 12.689 million bales compared
to the last year’s 11.333 million bales, posting a surge of 11.97 per
cent…Sindh produced 4.232 million bales compared to last year’s
2.994 million bales, recording a hike of 41.35 per cent, while Punjab
produced 8.457 million bales compared to last year’s 8.339 million
bales, with an increase of 1.41 per cent…Around 12.476 million
bales were sold to mills and exporters as textile mill owners bought
11.680 million bales and exporters procured 795,648 bales. Unsold
stocks of lint remained at 209,933 bales and those of phutti Seed
cotton) stood at 3,928 bales”