“Vice-president of China Textile Industry Association Zhang Kai points out that from the beginning to carry out simple processing operations and OEM for foreign firms, to currently design their own products for choices of international markets and participate in international competition, the R & D strength and brand awareness of Chinese enterprises are growing. Chinese enterprises also more quickly adjust their trade strategy of production in face of the formation of international importers, as well as changes in trade practices and international trade. ..This exhibition has attracted some buyers from the United States and Canada. Many of them are old customers to Chinese show, they have strong interest in China’s textiles and garment products. ..Some exhibitors also admit that the economic crisis has reduced their orders by over 30 percent, while increase in domestic raw material prices and labor costs further suppress their profit margins. But many people believe that after this round of shuffle; those survived enterprises will be healthier and more competitive. In fact, this will be a good thing to some certain extent. .