Spring Festival holiday was from February 13 to February 19, based on
historical experience, export value in the month of the Spring Festival
always significant declines. But the year-on-year comparison in
February this year reached 25.60 percent, exceeding expectations and
indicating a very strong warming trend of the textile industry in
foreign trade”.From the structure of China’s export products to
the United States, in February 2010, U.S imports of yarn and fiber from
China accounted for 12 percent of all products, chemical fiber textile
formed 53 percent, cotton textiles accounted for 33 percent. Export
value of cotton and chemical fiber products accounted for 86 percent of
China’s exports to the United States ..It is noteworthy that the
growth of U.S. imports of yarns and fibers was abnormal, as it was as
high as 65.27 percent, which may mean that the U.S. textile industry is
recovering and is moving towards a rebalancing process between real
economy and virtual economy ..From the point of view on specific
types, cotton textile exports reached US $0.93255 billion in February,
growth rate of wool textile exports reached 30 percent, but the
proportion was lower, only exports of silk textiles decreased by 23.91
percent .


Source:The International News