“China’s exports of textiles and apparel first surpassed US$100 billion
in 2005, and reached the US$200-billion level five years later. ” “..

2010 exports of textiles grew by 28.4% to US$77,050 million, and those of apparel climbed 20.9% to US$129,480 million.
” “..

Exports of textiles and apparel sharply increased because exports of
textiles grew as a result of a relocation of apparel manufacturing bases
to South and East Asia, and apparel demand recovered as stocks in
Europe and the U.S. decreased.
” “..

Monthly exports surpassed US$20 billion during July-September 2010, and were near this level in December.
” “..

Exports were able to increase despite labor shortages, sharp increases
in wages and raw material costs, and the rise of the Chinese currency
from the middle of the year.
” “..

In exports to Europe and the U.S., the rise in costs was passed on to
export prices, and the unit price increased, thus accelerating the
enlargement of the export value”