The State Economic and Trade Commission recently announced the 1 Oth Five-Year Plans for major industries covering textiles, machinery, automobiles and petrochemicals. According to the plans, China aims at achieving an annual growth of 6.5% in industrial production value. The textile processing volume is expected to reach 14.25 million tons, compared to 12.10 million in 2000. The export target is set at US$70-75 billion against US$52 billion in 2000, which is US$10 billion higher than the target announced by the China National Textile Industry Council in November 2000. Per-capita fiber consumption is set at 7.4 kg compared to 6.6 kg in 2000. The ratio by use is 64% for apparel, 21 % for household goods and 15% for industrial applications. Labor productivity is expected to increase to 40%, and energy consumption per unit volume is to be reduced by 15%. The consumption of water will be reduced from the current 3.6 to 3 tons per 100 sq. meters by water recycling. Copyright Osaka Senken Ltd. Jul 27, 2001