Cambodia exported $1.062 billion in garments during
the period, an 11.43 increase over $953 million in exports January to
May 2009, said the ministry in a report. ..Sector growth was the
result of recovering economies in foreign countries and government
attempts to link suppliers with foreign buyers, the report said. ..Cambodia’s garment exports to the US increased nearly 8 percent to $643.4 million from $594.4 million. ..Shipments
to the European Union increased 10.4 percent, to $247.6 million during
the first five months, from $224.3 million for the same period in 2009,
and exports to other foreign markets rose 26.5 percent to $171 million
from $135.2 million. ..May also experienced growth in garment
exports of nearly 27 percent compared with the month last year,
reaching $216.4 million from $170.8 in 2009. ..Cambodian garment and textile exports dropped 15.83 percent in 2009 to $2.658 billion, from $3.158 billion a year earlier.