In 2009, these imports stood at US $548.48 million in terms of value and
102,464 tons in terms of volume and increased to $794.29 million and
210,286 tons in terms of value and volume, respectively. .

Revival in the demand for apparels escalated the import volume of raw
material, as there is absence of any textile or fabric factories in the
country to fulfill the clothing producers’ requirements, said the
Director Cambodia Chamber of Commerce, Deneral Nguon Meng Tech..

The raw material prices increased recently, but its sale has not
escalated as compared to the price hike, said Ken Loo, Secretary General
of the Garment Manufacturers Association in Cambodia..
On the other hand, clothing and textile exports went up to $1.06 billion
in the initial five months of the current year over $953 million
exports of the same period last year, recording a 11 percent rise. ”