“The Bulgarian Association of Apparel and Textile Producers and
Exporters has forecast a strong season and is expecting revenues,
comparable to those of 2008, the Bulgarian National Radio has reported”.The
VP of the Association, Bertram Rollmann, has stated that the orders in
the sector increased by 18-22% for the past two months ..”The
problem is the lack of employees we lost during the crisis. The textile
industry in Bulgaria could employ up to 30,000 people in the next year,”
Rollmann said ..He has expressed his hope that in the next 5-10
years Bulgaria will have a very competitive “Textile and Clothing”
sector because, in his words, it would also be very important for the
development of the Bulgarian economy ..According to Rollmann,
Europe is expecting Bulgaria and the Balkans to have a key role in the
industry of clothing production for the EU .