”  â€œChina, which uses neither treatment plants nor health-friendly chemicals during the production process, sells jeans for only YTL 10. This is almost the price of my fabric,” Erik said. Turkey cannot compete with cheap countries, such as India and China, in terms of costs, she added. “However, we can prove ourselves to the world in terms of organic clothing and design.”   “?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office”   Bossa produces in accordance with “Ekoteks,” an international certificate that indicates that textile products do not include harmful chemicals. “Bossa implements the necessary investment particularly when there is demand from Britain and northern Europe for organic products,” Eric said. ”   The company, which produces three-and-a-half million meters of organic-based products annually, will also include soybean, linen, cannabis, wool and cotton in its product range, said Erik. “We will produce more as demand rises. We’d like to see competition in the market.† “Source: TurkishDaily News.com”