“This is designed to support Egyptian tripartite constituents to strengthen their institutions and implement the labour laws and practices that create an enabling environment for freedom of association and collective bargaining. “”Better Works specific contribution is to support workers and managers in enterprises in the textile and ready-made garment sector to improve labour relations and compliance with national laws and international core labour standards”””We are excited by the potential of this programme “says Dan Rees, chief of Better Work. “There is now a new opportunity for our tripartite constituents to improve the environment for freedom of association and establish stronger industrial relations, and ILO is now well positioned to support them to do so.  “””Progress on these key issues is vital to Egypts ability to create decent work and inclusive economic growth. Better Works contribution is to bring its unique collaborative approach to improving social dialogue, working conditions and competitiveness in the garment and textile sector””Better Work will begin by offering factory assessment, advisory and training services to improve working conditions and enhance responsible business practices in about 30 factories, with further expansion anticipated as progress is made in implementing the project objectives. “”Better Work – a joint programme of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the International Finance Corporation, a member of the World Bank Group – is currently active in 1,700 factories, with a reach to 2.4m workers. “”Through its work in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Haiti, Indonesia, Jordan, Nicaragua and Vietnam, the programme has helped improve working conditions including increasing take-home pay, reducing workplace harassment and a narrowing the gender pay gap, while also driving increases in firm profitability of up to 25%”.”