“But Belgium’s cotton yarn and fabric sector has experienced the weakest trade. Exports of cotton fiber, yarn and fabric declined 7.9% in January to 35.2 million euros; a 12.0% decline in 2005. In contrast, imports expanded 7.1% in January to 30.1 million euros. .Man-made staple fiber, yarn and woven fabric exports in January increased 3.2% to 52.0 million euros. Imports in January expanded 9.8% to 34.7 million euros. .While, Belgium’s man-made filament yarn and woven fabric exports showed a growth of 11.1% in January to 54.9 million euros. Imports surged 17.8% in January to 62.1 million euros. .Belgium remained to be a net exporter in its textile sector of knit or crocheted fabrics in January; exports expanded 19.1% to 10.6 million euros versus a 13.3% decline in imports to only 8.5 million euros .Source: yarnsandfibers.com .