“Bangladesh’s exports of ready-made garments to Europe and the US, which
make up nearly 70% of total overseas sales of the country, have been
growing since last year with the global economic recovery. Garments
exports surged by 41% to US$12.57 billion in the July-March period
” “..

Bangladesh’s government officials said that the record high figures in
March reflect that the country’s lower wages have attracted Chinese
manufacturers to move their production bases there. Orders are also
growing from new markets such as Japan, South Africa, Canada, China,
India, Australia and New Zealand, which shows that Bangladesh’s cheap
labor costs have helped the country join the global supply chain for
low-end textiles and clothing.
” “..

Last year, Bangladesh nearly doubled the minimum monthly wage for
millions of workers in the garment industry to 3,000 Taka (approximately
US$42) but salaries are still low compared with other manufacturing
bases such as China, India, Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia.
” “..

Bangladesh makes garments for international brands such as JC Penney,
Wal-Mart, HandM, Kohl’s, Marks and Spencer and Carrefour. Esprit
Holdings Ltd, Asia’s third largest garment retailer by market value
which has a strong presence in Europe, said in February that it would
switch more sourcing emphasis to Bangladesh from southern China.


Source:Textile World