“In terms of export volume, Bangladesh became the world’s second largest
knitwear exporter, surpassing Turkey, which exported 7.74 billion pieces
in 2010. . .

China remains to be the world’s biggest exporter of knitwear in terms of
both export volume and value, making up 50% of the world’s knitted
garments market. . .

Despite viewing Bangladesh as a competitor in the garment market, Turkey
is also a significant export market of Bangladeshi apparel, given its
fast growing economy. As a result, Turkey has started to step up
preventive measures, for instance, it has imposed 27% tariff on garments
imported from Bangladesh.
. .

BKMEA is confident about the potential of the country’s garment
industry. It noted that if the country’s apparel export can grow by this
year’s rate of 40%, it will beat Turkey to be the world’s second
largest knitwear exporter by value next year”