It has been a long way to come where we stand today! which currently has more than 20,000 registered members has become the electronic gateway to the Egyptian Textile Industry as it is dedicated to provide continuous news, updates, statistical reports,and technical researches on the different sectors of the textile supply chain as well as a complete and regularly updated database of Egyptian manufacturers.It gives us an immense pleasure to announce new services and higher quality on-line modules to help and respond to the needs of all of you that will continue to have interest in receiving information on all the sectors of the Egyptian Textile Industry, in-depth analyses and reports on the developments of the Egyptian Textile industry and the surrounding countries, making business with our new on-line supply chain service – “SOURCE@”, and a lot more to come.With the next newsletter, will launch the paid membership package through on-line and off-line payment modules. During the last months, we have worked on the development of the new services and increase of the security in our portal, therefore, to avoid any inconvenience, in case of “log-in” failure, you are kindly requested to re-register in Thank you,