Speaking to the Anatolia news agency in the southeastern province of
Adıyaman, Örün said the Turkish textile and ready-to-wear industry will
not be negatively affected by a growing tendency among buyers to choose
Chinese producers over Turkish firms. “We are already a country that is
successfully promoting its textile products abroad. There is no need to
worry about the orders lost to China,” he explained. Örün added that
the Turkish textile industry has two advantages over China:
geographical proximity to consumer markets and higher quality products…Acknowledging that aggressive efforts by Chinese textile firms to
dominate the global textile market had harmed the Turkish textile
industry in the past, Örün said Turkish firms are now encouraged that
things will be back on track. “Turkish textile manufacturers stand at a
relatively more advantageous spot in global markets thanks to high
quality and durable products, he said, arguing that Chinese textile
products are of relatively lower quality. “.Underlining that
Turkish textile products have higher added value than Chinese ones, he
said Turkish firms would benefit from this once the adverse effects of
the 2009 global credit crunch ease. Örün said China had concentrated on
manufacturing “basic products” such as T-shirts. “But we manufacture
jeans and shirts that closely follow the latest fashion trends in
global markets. It is to our advantage to focus on innovative products
which appeal to more customers throughout the world markets,” he noted ..Underlining
that mergers and conglomerations between relatively smaller-sized
businesses are promoted in Turkey, he said this would, in the long run,
increase both the competitive power and the profitability of companies.
Örün argued that statements suggesting that Turkey should shift its
focus away from textile manufacturing are meaningless. “Why give up
such a huge potential?” he asked. Noting that ready-to-wear is a
“labor-intensive sector,” he said, “We need to encourage the
establishment of new textile manufacturing facilities and employ more