“According to country’s Federal
Bureau of Statistics (FBS), export of textile products totaled $10.244
billion in outgoing financial year, as compared to $9.572 billon in the
previous year, registering a seven percent growth. ..During the
month of June, the export of textile goods grew 9.81 percent to $921
million as against $839 million of last year, FBS added. ..In the
year under review, export of cotton yarn surged to $1.417 billion,
registering 27.13 percent growth, compared to $1.114 billion in the
previous year. .Export of raw cotton increased 124 percent to $195
million; against $87 million in the previous year and export of yarn
other than cotton yarn also increased 100 percent during the year. ..Export
of cotton cloth and cotton carded or combed decreased seven percent and
24 percent respectively during the said year. ..In value-added
sector, the performance of different textile items remained mixed, as
export of some goods fell and others recorded some increase. ..Knitwear
export registered a marginal increase of 1.16 percent to $1.761
billion, as compared to $1.740 billion. Bedwear exports fell slightly by
0.64 percent to $1.723 billion compared to $1.735 billion in the
previous year. ..Export of towels grew by 5.17 percent to $676
million, compared to $642 million, whereas readymade garments grew by
4.33 percent to $1.283 billion, compared to $1.230 billion a year ago. ”