“Addressing the Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industries members over drafting of the new textile policy, he said that was well aware about the importance of the textile sector that had potential to lift the country out of all persistent crises. ..Owing to the importance of this sector, he said government would announce a five-year textile policy being finalized in consultation with all stakeholders. He said the textile sector would not face gas supply problems as the sector would be given an ensured supply as in the case of the fertilizer industry…The minister stressing the need for cultivation of BT cotton said that the variety was essential to compete with neighbouring countries like India and China. He said the variety was being cultivated in different parts of the country and was contributing nine per cent of the cotton crop…Federal textile secretary Dr Waqar Masood presenting an overview of the new textile policy said the government would introduce a textile investment fund, human research development and public private partnership schemes. Besides, he said government would also support entrepreneurs to institute warehouses in the country. He said skill development would also be an important part of the policy…He said government would also negotiate with the US and European Union for access to their markets. .