“When discussing the possible impact following the implementation of ASEAN China Free Trade Area (ACFTA), Perry Tristianto, owner of Raja Factory Outlet in Indonesia, commented that a flooding of imported apparel from many different countries has been observed since a long time ago. The FTA thus should not been as a new threat .
“Local consumers have an affection with imported apparel e.g. from China not only because of a lower price but the entailed added value in terms of trendiness. “Consumers no longer consider price as the main concern but also the current fashion trend, imported apparel can answer this need,” said Mr Tristianto .
“Domestically made apparel intended for the home market is considered not paying much attention to fashion trends. Moreover, he was surprised that those quality, domestically made products are mostly produced for export markets. “Many producers in China and India come to me to supply but not local producers”, he says .
“At a recent seminar in Jakarta, Ansari Bukhari, Indonesiaㄙs director general for textiles and more in the Industry Ministry, reported that out of the Rp50-trillion local market, 64% is made domestically while the remaining 36% is imported, including roughly 10% of illegal import.  .