not just economic down turn that is giving jitters to Indian apparel
exports industry, but tough competition from neighbouring China, Sri
Lanka and Bangladesh as well.”We are facing competition from exporters in Bangladesh, China and
Sri Lanka who are selling at much lower rates,” said Apparel Export
Promotion Council (AEPC) chairman Premal Udani..ue to increase
in fabric prices, the cost of our garments is higher and this is
affecting our business,” Udani told IANS at the ongoing India
International Garments Fair (IIGF) here..To counter competition from neighbouring countries, Udani said focusing on “value added garments” is the key..We
are planning to add small details like more embroidery, some
embellishments to the garments. This will be something that will
attract international buyers…The three-day 44th IIGF at Pragati
Maidan, a bi-annual business-to-business event that ends Friday, has
attracted over 225 exhibitors and buyers from 60 countries…According
to Udani, recession in developed nations too has affected the
Rs.10-billion apparel industry, with exports falling 7 percent…”This
is the first time the industry saw this much of decline in business.
Though now we are recovering, we were badly hit in the first half of
2009,” he said…Despite the slump, he said the Indian apparel sector had several advantages…”The
major advantage we have over our competitors is that we have better
command over the English language. Also, we have skilled craftsmen,
amazing fabric and flexibility as well,” said Udani…”By
flexibility I mean that we take small orders as well which other
countries don’t. International buyers like to do business with us, it’s
just we have to gear up a bit and strategies.” Udani added..