“About the complaint from the heads of offices concerning the lack of technical manpower sufficient to meet the needs of the garments sector” Eng. Rashid has stressed out that the ministry is committed to implement its plan to develop the human resources and to provide  the trained labor to meet the needs of factories, especially that the garment sector is one of the labor-intensive sectors, adding to that there are many initiatives which are implemented either through the Industrial Training Council or private training centers , in cooperation with the manufacturers where these initiatives have contributed in creating a new generation of trained and qualified labors to work in the factories in Egypt .
“He explained that the ministry is keen to support the Ready-Made Garment industry as it’s  one of the most important industries in Egypt, that have a highly competitive feature either   in both of the availability of raw materials or labor force, pointing out that the coming stage will witness a rise in the export of garments and within the framework of the Ministry’s strategy to double exports during the next four years .
“Eng. Rashid called the heads of offices of international companies for the need to introduce some amendments to the technical educational system of clothing to produce graduates with a high degree of efficiency needed by modern technologies factories as well as the obligation of the Egyptian factoriesto implement all the requirements and quality standards in their products and timely delivery of products which will have the greatest impact on increasing the Egyptian exports of Ready-Made Garments especially for markets in Europe and America .
“The meeting was attended by Mr. Adham Nadim (Executive Director of the Industrial Modernization Center) and Mr. Wael El Oulama (Vice-President of the RMGEC)  .