In such a situation, Egypt has to carve its niche in the market by
bringing low-priced apparels, stated Christian Bartel, General Manager
‘Systain‘, a Turkish textile consulting company.
He was speaking on the conclusion of a three-day Textile Export
Workshop. Along with apparel production, problem also persists in the
supply chain management, which is a key for the market. So, it is an
important issue to discuss, added Bartel..

The SME Promotion Program of the German Technical Cooperation (GTZ),
Systain (part of the German Otto Group), the German Arab Chamber of
Industry and Commerce and the Berlin-based Global Project Partners (GPP)
organized the Textile Export Workshops (TEWs) with an objective to
support Egyptian textile producers to acquire better position and
compete in immense competitive European market, said Peter Goprich, CEO
of the German Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce..
Textile industry of Egypt is a strategic industry for the country and it
is imperative for GDP and economic growth. So, it is essential to offer
it more competitive stance to deal with highly competitive markets,
said Ali Dessouki, Deputy Country Director of GTZ Egypt”