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Industry Reports

Egyptian cotton prices rally to its highest in 16 months as low production expected next season  23-Apr-2013
Deterioration in Egypt apparel exports to the EU region  23-Apr-2013
Spain becomes a major player in Egypt`s apparel retail market  08-Apr-2013
Egyptian cotton exports are still idle despite surge in US Pima exports  19-Mar-2013
Low Egyptian cotton exports keeps Egypt ban on cotton imports  19-Feb-2013
Egypt exports of woven printed cotton bed linen to EU is negligible  19-Feb-2013
Egyptian cotton dilemma continues with low exports and local consumption despite price slump  05-Jan-2012
Slower growth in Egypt QIZ woven apparel exports  05-Jan-2012
Egypt becomes 4th largest supplier of cotton yarn to EU region  19-Jun-2011
China is the main importer of Egyptian and US Pima cotton  19-Jun-2011
United Kingdom is still Egypt`s main EU market for Apparel and Home Textiles  21-Apr-2011
Major slump in Egypt imports of Greek cotton  20-Apr-2011
Major Surge in Egypt QIZ Apparel Exports to US  04-Apr-2011
Egyptian cotton scarcity encourage production expansion  04-Apr-2011
Surge in Egypt QIZ Apparel and Home Textile Exports to US  19-Dec-2010
Panic spreads throughout the Textile Supply Chain in Egypt  19-Dec-2010
Major plunge in Mediterranean exports of cotton shirts to EU  23-Aug-2010
ELS cotton prices reach new high record with limited supply  23-Aug-2010
Major surge in Egyptian Cotton exports to China and India  19-Jul-2010
Egypt is the 4th largest supplier of Floor Covering to EU  19-Jul-2010
Major slump in Egypt`s knitted underwear exports to EU  24-Jun-2010
Turkey and Egypt dominate EU cotton exports surge  24-Jun-2010
Oriental Weavers maintain Egypt Rank as 3rd Largest Supplier of Carpets to the US Market in 2009  19-May-2010
Major Plunge in Egypt Cotton Yarn Exports to EU  19-May-2010
Major surge in Egyptian and Pima cotton prices  22-Apr-2010
Deterioration in Mediterranean Apparel Exports to EU  22-Apr-2010
Major surge in Egyptian cotton exports  24-Mar-2010
Major Slump in Egypt`s bed linen exports to US market in 2009  23-Mar-2010
Major surge in US Pima cotton exports in 2009-2010 season  22-Oct-2009
Major fall in Italy`s cotton yarn imports affects Egypt exports in 2009  22-Oct-2009
Surge in Egypt QIZ exports to 450 Million USD in H1 2009  16-Sep-2009
Egypt imports 1350 Tons of US Pima cotton  16-Sep-2009
194 pct Surge in Egypt Consumption of Greek Cotton in 2009  27-Jul-2009
US Pima Cotton Triggers China Demand with its Low Prices  27-Jul-2009
Major Surge in Egypt woven apparel exports to EU  14-Jul-2009
Major slump in EU imports of cotton yarn  14-Jul-2009
Growth in Egypt QIZ Apparel Exports to US in Q1 2009  30-Jun-2009
Egypt Spinning Industry Abandons Egyptian Cotton  30-Jun-2009
Disastrous Season for Egyptian Cotton and US Pima Cotton Exports  25-May-2009
6.5% Surge in Egypt QIZ apparel and home textile exports to the US  25-May-2009
Egyptian Cotton and US Pima Cotton Reduce Prices to Gain Demand  08-May-2009
Egypt, Minor Share in EU Cotton Printed Bed Sheet Market  08-May-2009
Italy is the Leading EU Market for Egypt Home Textile Exports  30-Apr-2009
Major Growth for Egypt QIZ Woven Apparel Exports in 2009  30-Apr-2009
Minor surge in Egypt exports of Knitted apparel to EU  23-Apr-2009
Exports of Egyptian cotton are idle while US Pima is gaining momentum  23-Apr-2009
Egypt is the Most Competitive Among Mediterranean Countries  26-Mar-2009
Egypt`s Home Textile Exports to USA Surged in 2008  26-Mar-2009
Surge in Egypt`s Home Textile and Apparel Exports to the U.S. in Jan. 09  19-Mar-2009
Egypt's Home Textile Exports to the EU Decline in 2008  19-Mar-2009
Surge in Egypt's Apparel Exports to the EU  08-Mar-2009
Egyptian Cotton Dilemma Still Unresolved  08-Mar-2009
Slump in Egypt's exports of fine cotton yarn to the EU  02-Mar-2009
Analysis of Egypt's 2008 Exports of Woven Apparel to the U.S.A  02-Mar-2009
Egypt’s QIZ Exports to the U.S. Continued to Increase in 2008  04-Feb-2009
Egyptian cotton lower export prices slammed by US Pima subsidies  04-Feb-2009
Shrinkage in US textile industry and major slump in Egypt’s cotton yarn exports to the US  09-Jun-2008
Surge in Egypt QIZ woven apparel exports  09-Jun-2008
Egypt’s share in EU fine count cotton yarn market is declining  09-Jun-2008
Private trading companies take over Egyptian cotton fiber exports  09-Jun-2008
EU Yarn Imports (2003-2007)   08-May-2008
Egypt QIZ Knitted Apparel Export Growth Momentum  08-May-2008
Egypt Home Textile QIZ Exports Momentum Declines  08-May-2008
Egyptian Cotton Vs Supima Cotton Report  08-May-2008
The competitiveness of Egypt’s cotton woven fabric exports to EU  29-May-2006
Egypt apparel exports to the US in 2006 is determine to take the QIZ swell  28-Apr-2006
Egyptian cotton exports are still idle after Pima cotton subsidy is eliminated and carryovers are expected  28-Apr-2006
China apparel and home textile exports to the EU surge by 193% and overtakes Southern Mediterranean countries  28-Apr-2006
Egyptian cotton prices are up to avoid US Pima cotton subsidy payments  26-Mar-2006
The Egyptian Public spinning companies are on the verge of collapsing  26-Mar-2006
China spinning industry gives preferentiality to Pima cotton over Egyptian cotton  12-Mar-2006
Egypt’s home textile exports to EU are steadily surging  12-Mar-2006
6% annual surge in the value of Egypt woven apparel exports and 23% for Jordanian through QIZ to the US market  18-Feb-2006
The Egyptian Spinning Industry consumption of Egyptian cotton fiber is reaching its lowest in the last 50 years  18-Feb-2006
The US Pima cotton subsidy is triggered with 12.64 US cents.lb and Egyptian cotton is holding the lead in the ELS cotton exports  18-Feb-2006
The Egyptian yarn exports is witnessing their largest slump in history  28-Jan-2006
The QIZ agreement effect on Egyptian Apparel and Home textile exports to the US  28-Jan-2006
The US Pima subsidy will trigger in 2 weeks and Egyptian cotton will loose the lead of the ELS world market for the 3rd year consecutively  28-Jan-2006
Three years after the launch of the Egyptian Cotton Trademark  30-Nov-2005
The Regional Textile and Clothing Euro-Mediterranean Integration is the Gateway for the Regional Competitiveness Post 2005  31-Oct-2005
The Private sector spinning manufacturers are taking a higher share in the exports Egyptian cotton yarn  30-Sep-2005
The Egyptian Cotton Yarn Exports to US Market Is Threatend By The Lack of Egyptian Cotton Fibers  31-Aug-2005
Egyptian Cotton Fiber Excellency Safeguards Egyptian Home Textiles Exports from 2005 challenges  31-Jul-2005
Egyptian Cotton and American Pima cotton are focusing on Asian Spinners Demand  30-Jun-2005
Egypt will sign a FTA with Turkey to reach One Billion USD bilateral trade value next year  31-May-2005
Egypt overcomes the challenges of post 2005 with QIZ and FTA agreements with US  30-Apr-2005
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